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Commercial Nature Tourism Group in Yucatán

written by Conecto March 9, 2015


The Commercial Nature Tourism Group of the State of Yucatán, called Ko’ox Mayab, was set up following a workshop funded by CONABIO for 15 community organizations offering ecotourism, rural tourism and adventure services, with equal, equitable participation.

Its mission is to consolidate alternative tourism and contribute to community development to protect the environment and culture.

Ko’ox Mayab is a combination of efforts by social organizations and institutions such as the Board of Tourism Alternative Community of Yucatán(COTACY), SEFOTUR, UADY, CINVESTAV, CONABIO and INAES, to promote this profitable sector.

What other similar examples exist in Mexico and the rest of the world? What determines the success of this type of model? How can one promote nature tourism and reach a wider audience?

The Mexican Indigenous Tourism Network (RITA), for example, promotes a self-reliant approach to indigenous community development, which emphasizes sustainable livelihoods in communities working on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, with the aim of eliminating economic marginalization.

There are hundreds of ecotourism projects in Chiapas such as the Canto de la Selva Jungle Lodge. It might be worth considering the creation of an organization like this.

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