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The Pátzcuaro-Zirahuén region in Michoacán is a key area for Mexican maize. Farmers there have grown maize for three thousand years, selecting and improving native strains. At least six native breeds have been identified in the zone, together with 20 varieties adapted to the climate and specific needs of the region.

However, as a result of the Green Revolution in the middle of last century, the use of agrochemicals to increase short-term crop productivity became widespread. In the long run, cultivating crops in this way depletes soil fertility, creates resistant pests, pollutes and damages farmers’ health.

Moreover, changes in their dietary patterns mean that Mexicans have stopped consuming artisinal and local produce, thereby jeopardizing the gastronomic, cultural and agricultural wealth represented by local maize varieties.

In response to this situation, movements such as “Without Corn, There is No Country” and agroecology have attracted interest among certain sectors of the population in responsible consumption and local and organic products.

This is the context surrounding Red Tsiri.

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