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Ecotourism in the Lacandon Rainforest

Waking up in Canto de la Selva Jungle Lodge means opening your eyes in a comfortable cabin while listening to the shrieks of howler monkeys and birdsong. The hotel is located opposite the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, in Chiapas. Each of the ejido partners owns and operates the hotel and is committed to the conservation of primary forest in the Galacia ejido. This sustainable ecotourism hotel meets the highest quality standards and enables you to enjoy a unique experience in contact with the lush Lacandon Rainforest.

Canto de la Selva Jungle Lodge

Canto de la Selva is an eco-tourism destination in the southeast of Mexico offering quality accommodation in comfortable facilities so that you can discover the lush tropical forest and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Its 14 cabins are nestled in the jungle and have a simple, modern design. Each cabin has two single beds or a queen size bed, a solar ceiling fan, private bathroom with a hot shower, biodegradable amenities, a private verandah overlooking the rainforest where, from a hammock or comfortable armchairs, you can admire a hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower or a trogon resting under the shade of a heliconia. The central service area includes a lobby, lounge, dining room, bar and multi-purpose room and terrace, in addition to a pier and terrace on the riverbank.

Canto de la Selva Jungle Lodge is equipped with environmentally-friendly technologies for power generation, water supply and waste management, to minimize the impact of human presence in this paradisiacal place.


Ejido partners

The ejido partners have set aside an area of rainforest to devote to conservation

According to the Canto de la Selva statutes, only partners (members of the Rural Production Society) and their relatives can be hotel employees. Profit sharing varies depending on the area of rainforest each ejido member has set aside to devote to conservation.

As a result of this new productive alternative, there has been zero deforestation in the Galacia ejido in the past four years.

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